a) What is Demo?

Demo is the best way to watch great Internet videos without the tedious search. Just pick a preset, lean back and enjoy the show.

b) Where are the videos from?

Video from YouTube, TV channels

c) What is a video preset?

A preset is a video material prepared by our resource on a specific topic (news on a topic or a selection of excerpts from a film on a specific topic).

d) I want to upload a video to the site. How to do it?

Click on the download icon ("search by video upload") in the navigation bar in the upper left corner of the screen and follow the link. Select the video file, you want to download, on your device or an external link to it and press Search.

e) Are there any restrictions on time, file size for uploaded videos?

The file size must be no more than 10Mb for all types of video files (Windows Media Video, Apple QuickTime, MPEG 1-4, 3gp, flv), the duration is no more than 10 minutes.

f) Why are videos sometimes found with errors?

We are looking not for identical video, but similar in terms of video search technology.

g) How can errors be minimized?

Upload a longer snippet, do not upload a static video or a video captured from a smartphone.